This is one of those Good News/Bad New posts.

We'll start with the Bad News...

A portion of the site is going away. You'll know when it's gone.

Now, the Good News...

*hehe* I can't tell you yet. For those of you who are literary minded, you understand that any time an author says, "I can't tell you. Yet." then that is Very Good News. And so is the case here.

Stay tuned. (And I'm guessing I should be typing that as STAY TUNED, because this is hopefully on a "this year" timeline.)

And one more not-quite-a-hint hint:
<insert new http: address here>

(Ain't I a stinker?)

 Hi, Guys!

Just got back from MystiCon, where I enjoyed myself immensely. Next up is RavenCon and then Balticon. We’re thinking about ConGregate down in North Carolina in July, but may wait until 2015 to hit that one. I want to have at least one new novel out before expanding my con schedule.